07:700:292 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Semiotics, Signifer, Egalitarianism

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3 Oct 2018

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The basic property of all music is sound. The sounds (and silences) that comprise a musical work are organized in some way. Sounds are organized into music by people; music is a form of humanly organized sound . Music is a product of human intention and perception. The term music is inescapably tied to western culture and its assumptions; Ethnomusicology: the study of music in its cultural context. Not only what music is but why it is. What music means to its practitioners and audiences. Highly interdisciplinary field: music, anthropology, performance studies, dance, gender studies, race or ethnic studies, etc. Taking a global approach to music (regardless of area of origin, style, or genre) Participating in and observing the music being studied. Frequently gaining facility in another music tradition as a performer or theorist. Music ethnography: a written representation and description of a music-culture organized from the standpoint of a particular topic.

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