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01:790:340 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Jonathan Swift, EnjambmentExam

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359:201 Principles of Literary Study: Poetry 10/7/19
due in class Thursday 10/10
Assigned Reading: Jonathan Swift, “A Description of the Morning,” Mary Robinson,
“London’s Summer Morning”
The lines below come from the assigned poems (pp. 1214 in the reader). Identify a few
enjambed lines, and also a few end-stopped lines in the passages below. Then try marking
stresses for each line. Finally, identify the meter. Which selections are the most regular, and
which the most irregular?
The Youth with Broomy Stumps began to trace
The Kennel - Edge, where Wheels had worn the Place
Who has not wak’d to list the busy sounds
Of summer’s morning, in the sultry smoke
Of noisy London? On the pavement hot
The sooty chimney boy, with dingy face
And tatter’d covering, shrilly bawls his trade
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