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Chapter 10 – Emotional development IN ADDITION TO YOUR NOTES FROM THE MOVIE Functions of emotions o What is an emotion o What do theorists that take a functionalist approach to emotions believe? o Think up examples of relationships between emotion & cognition o Think up examples of relationships between emotions & social behavior o Think up examples of relationships between emotions & health Depression & emotions o What does Tronick’s still-face procedure show? o How does the baby react to the mother’s still-face? o What effect does parental depression have on the child’s development? Development of emotional expression o What are the basic (Izard called them primary) emotions? o How are children’s facial expressions coded to figure out what emotion they are displaying? (by what method) o What are the signs that children are ‘happy’? What is a social smile and when does it develop? When do children start laughing? o How does the newborn’s generalized distress develop into anger and sadness? o Why do angry reactions increase with age? o How does fear develop? What is secure base behavior? o What are the self-conscious emotions? (Michael Lewis calls them the social emotions)? o What does Michael Lewis say is a precondition to the social/self-conscious emotions? o What is the role of adult feedback in the development of social emotions? Emotional self-regulation o What is emotional self-regulation, and what does it require?
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