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Review Guidelines Infant & Child Development 331 Chapter 9 1. Explain what phonology, semantics, grammar and pragmatics are. 2. What is the difference between speech and language? Why is it useful to look at communication processes, hearing, speech, language and fluency? 3. What is categorical speech perception, and how was it tested in the Janet Werker video we saw? How is statistical analysis a factor in child language learning in the first year, what does it appear to be used for? 4. What is child-directed speech? What is the effect of parents’modifying their child-directed speech based on the child’s age? 5. What is the difference between cooing and babbling, and when do these sounds appear? 6. What is the theoretical implication of the finding in the video we saw about babbling in sign language for the role of the speech apparatus in language? 7. What is joint attention? How are joint attention and give and take important for language development? What are preverbal gestures? 8. What is the general pattern of phonological development? 9. What is the difference between comprehension and production of language? How is the development of these related? 10. What is fast-mapping? 11. What is the evidence for children producing a ‘vocabulary spurt’? How many words do children learn per day (on average)? 12. What types of words are common in children’s vocabularies? Which of these do Western children initially learn a lot of? 13. Which individual differences influence language development in children? 14. What are underextensions, overextensions, word coinages and metaphors? 15. How does semantic development cont
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