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33:799:301 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Intermodal Freight Transport, Cross-DockingExam

Supply Chain Management
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Chapter 9 quiz
1. The transfer of goods from an inbound carrier to an outbound carrier, without the goods
being put away into storage is known as?
a. Cross docking
2. A small Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) shipment that originates on a truck in Los Angeles
and is moved to Phoenix where it is unloaded and put onto another truck for final
shipment to Denver would be considered an intermodal shipment since it utilizes more
than one vehicle during shipment.
a. False
3. Transportation regulation and deregulation both have their supporters. Proponents of
regulation consider it to be good since it encourages competition and allows price
a. False - deregulation allows for negotitation
4. Which of the following is NOT consistent with a decentralized warehousing system?
a. Lower total operating costs
5. Because air transport is so expensive the best cargo candidates for air shipment are
products with a high cost to weight ratio.
a. True
6. FOB destination requires that the supplier legally retain ownership of the product being
shipped until it reaches the destination; whereas with FOB origination the buyer takes
ownership of the product immediately upon shipment.
a. True
7. The term "private warehouse" refers to warehouses that are owned by the company that
also owns the goods being stored.
a. True
8. Which of the following modes of cargo transport can be characterized as being
inexpensive, very slow and inflexible, and good for transporting very heavy, very bulky,
and containerized cargo?
a. Water carriers
9. Which one of the following carrier types generally transports goods for the general public
(i.e., anyone who has a shipment to make)?
a. Common carriers
10. A 4PL, commonly referred to as a lead logistics provider, is a trucking company that also
provides tracking services
a. False
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