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PSY 101
Mark Laumakis

Madruga 1Carol MadrugaLaumakisPsychology 101Psychology branch of philosophy meaning soul or mindStudying the phenomena of lifeThe scientific study of behavior and mental processesWilhem Wunt and StructuralismGerman physiologist who established the first psychology lab at the University of Leipzig in 1879Regarded as the founder of experimental psychology as an academic disciplineBelieved in structuralismoConscious experience can be broken down into its underlying componentsWilliam James and FunctionalismWrote Principles of Psychology in 1890Believed that the mind could NOT be broken down into parts structuralismEmphasized the use of stream of consciousnessBelieved in FunctionalismoHighlighted the adaptive purpose or function of mind and behaviorSigmund Freud and the UnconsciousEmphasized the role of the unconscious in shaping human behaviorUnconscious conflicts can produce psychological disordersDeveloped psychoanalysis as a treatment for psychological disordersOriginal ideas are difficult to test scientificallyWatson Skinner and BehaviorismMadruga 2Developed the approach known as behaviorismoEmphasizes the role of environmental forces in shaping behavior rewardspunishmentsArgued the psychology should be the science of observable behaviorBF Skinner later expanded on Watsons workNativism vs EmpiricismGreek philosophers developed two schools of thought about how to understand behaviorNativism the human mind is created with preexisting structures and information Nature BioGenesEmpiricism the human mind is shaped by the environment NurtureYou see it at home so you grow up with itLocke tabula rasa blank slateFor most psychological processes both nature and nurture play an important roleIntelligence language development personality psychopathology depressionThe Biopsychosocial Approach any and all of these factors can help us figure out whats going onBiological influences genetic predispositionsPsychological influences cognitive processingSocialcultural influences cultural societal and family expectationsMultivarient worldSubfields ResearchBiological Explore links between brain and mindDevelopmental study changing abilities from womb to tombCognitive study how we perceive think and solve problemsPersonality Investigate our persistent traitsSocial Explore how we view and affect one another
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