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AH 110 Chapter Notes - Chapter 18: Nazca Lines, Staff God, TeotihuacanExam

Art History
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AH 110
Joni Hand
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AH 110
Quiz #5
Native American Cultures
1. Which Mesoamerican culture is known as the “mother culture”?
The Olmecs
2. Why were most Ancient American cities destroyed?
Spanish Conquistadors and European diseases.
3. What is a celt?
Jade carved into ax-shaped polished forms.
4. What are the largest structures at Teotihuacan?
5. What is the primary subject matter found in the murals at Teotihuacan?
Deities and Ritual activities.
6. What does the term “horizon” mean in reference to South American cultures?
When a single culture appears to have dominated a broad geographic area for a relatively
long period of time.
7. What is a characteristic of the staff god?
A male that holds a staff, gazes up, down, and bares his teeth.
8. How were the Nasca Lines made?
Selectively removing the dark top layer of stone to expose the light clay and calcite below.
9. What were Paracas textiles used for?
Funerary textiles used to wrap the bodies of the dead.
10. What is unique about Moche portrait vessels.
Documents cultural history, the same person ageing over time.
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