REL 2300 Midterm: Can I Talk to My Father about his Affair

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Faith Williams
Can I Talk to My Father about his Affair?
In this article, the author wrote about his experiences finding out that his father had an
affair several years ago. His mother told him not to bring up the secret that he knew about his
father action. Another one of the siblings also knew about the affair. The author felt anger and
felt distrust against his father because he always looked up to his father and saw him as an
outstanding role model. He wanted to discuss this situation with his father but also did not want
to disrespect his mother wishes about the secret that he promised to keep.
In this situation with the author and the sibling knowing is conflicting because the
sibling has a different view and that it is hard not bringing up this situation to their father. The
author also mentions that feelings and emotions can get in the way between the two people and
can cause more conflict. He convinces his audience instead of going to the person that you
should talk to other people in the family that can help and how they can help others within the
This article relates to chapter ten about extramarital relationships. According to the
section, “10 to 25 percent of husband and 5 to 15 percent of wives reported having affairs”
(Zastrow & Krist-Ashman, 489). In this article, the man was involved in an extramarital affair
was discovered. According to the text “the discovery of an extramarital affair may lead to a
divorce, but not always” (490). Also “in most cases, extramarital affairs are carried out in secret”
(490). If children discover the secret that one of their parents are cheating they may see their
parent differently than they did. They may feel anger and distrust such as the author did against
his father. In an extramarital relationship, not only the other spouse is affected but can also
impact the family.
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