WST 377 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Ambivalent Sexism, Implicit Stereotype, Implicit-Association Test

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Where do these beliefs come from: historical perspective, doctrine of 2 spheres, cult of true womanhood, psychological perspective, social categorization, kernel of truth hypothesis vs. social construction, stereotypes are maintained by, illusory correlation, conformation bias. Illusory correlations: definition: tendency for people to overestimate link between variables that are only slight or not at all correlated, tend to overestimate when the variables are salient (e. g. , overestimating link between being a mother and being nurturing) How to stereotypes develop (in children): awareness of gender, learn associations between gender and categories, for your own gender, for opposite gender, generalization, ages 5-7: stereotyping increases, after age 7: stereotyping decreases. How do you measure endorsement of gender stereotypes: explicit self-report measures, observations. It is insulting to women to have the obey clause remain in the marriage service (reversed: women earning as much as their dates should bear equally the expense when they go out together (reversed)