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ANT 121

ANT121 Exam 2 Notes 10/28/13 11:12 AM Chapter 7—Sex and Gender Sex-biological makeup of one’s reproductive organs Gender-culturally learned identity and lifestyle Societies define gender roles/norms/patterns Primary subsistence activities—gathering the raw materials Generally males Secondary subsistence activities—preparing and processing of materials Generally females Egalitarian societies tend to have smaller gender divide Ex. Zuni people have 3 genders –La’Mana—accepted in society Berdache- 3 gender: Catlin made an ethnocentric account calling the 3 rd gender “disgusting” Boys tend to be more aggressive than girls, girls tend to be more responsible and helpful than boys Ex. Six Cultures Project:3-6 yr olds in diff. cultures—supports the sex difference in aggression Gender stratification- social inequalities between men and women. Can range from a difference in genetics, to income (i.e. job placement), to stereotypes, to power in the household, etc MALI TRIP—gender analysis: how each gender uses different resources Chapter 8—Marriage, Family, and Kinship Marriage—socially approved sexual and economic union, usually between a man and a woman, comes with certain rights and obligations Dowry—gift from bride’s family to groom’s family Bride Price—gift from groom’s family to bride’s family: MOST COMMON Bride services—groom has to work for bride’s family Female exchange—trade of one female family member for a son’s bride Indirect dowry—regifting of wedding gifts/resources Socially accepted combination of people for marriage Exogamy—marrying outside of one’s kin group/community Endogamy—marrying within one’s kin group/community Polygamy—having more than one partner Polygyny—male having more than one wife Polyandry—female having more than one husba
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