HST 222 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Mulatto, John Humphrey Noyes, David Ruggles

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14 Aug 2018

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The midterm will have three sections: identifications, short answer, and a long essay. The only section that will not include some choice is the final long essay. Identifications (1 paragraph): identify by date, place, people, philosophy, and/or goals, and describe significance to history of american sexuality (in other words, why have we learned about this in hst. Id tips: write one solid paragraph; be clear about who, what, when, where and why; try to connect one id to another while you study and in your answers. Be sure to include date and statement of significance! Lewis and dorothea bourne: 1825 virgina divorce case: dorthea committed adultery with the slave. Lewis filed for divorce from dorthea and there was evidence of adultery, but he is denied the divorce. He is denied the divorce because it is deemed he is not able to control his wife.