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Final Exam Review

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Syracuse University
Information Studies
IST 195

-DB terminology -Schema -How DB is constructed/organized -Database -Set of tables (aka relations) -Table -Contains attributes -Every table serves a purpose -Attribute -Ex., first_name, last_name, email -Primary key -Unique attribute for each table (usually a #) -Every record needs to be unique -Can’t have 2 identitical records -Foreign key -Ties 2+ tables together -Relationship key -Functions of an RDBMS -Relational Database Model -How data is related, not where it’s stored -Data dictionary -Definitions of data -Metadata -Data storage -Data transformations -Security mgmt -Multi-user access control -Backup/recovery mgmt -Database communication interface -E.F Codd -Created RDBMS -Data dictionaries -Contains attributes, characteristics for all tables -Table name, attribute name, type, length, key -Data types -VarChar (variable character, up to 8000) -Integer (up to 11 digits) -Date (to perform calculations) -Text (unltd.) -Bit (yes/no) -Currency -Database keys / relations -SDLC and phases -Software Development Life Cycle -Planning -Begins w/ project request -Analysis -Preliminary analysis, detailed analysis -Design -Prototypes -Implementation -Construct & deliver sys. -Support -Ongoing assistance to users -Operation, support, security -Project management -Process of planning, scheduling, controlling activities during sys. dev. -Look at resources, cost, etc. -Microsoft Project lab -Gantt chart -Part of project mgmt -Looks at all activities, resources -Shows relationships, expected project length -DFD -Data flow diagram -Shows all info coming in / going out -Prototype -Proof of concept -Working model of proposed sys. -eCommerce / eBusiness -eCommerce = infrastructure & data, 1+ types of online/electronic transactions -eBusiness = business activity, creates value w/ networking & telecomm. tech -B2C, B2B, C2C, C2B, B2E, G2B -B2C: business to consumer -Ex.: normal retail stuff -B2B: business to business -Ex.: wholesalers, supply chain -C2C: consumer to consumer -Ex.: Ebay, Craigslist -C2B: consumer to business -Ex.: original Priceline — consumer sets price -B2E: business to employee -Ex.: Nike has an employee store -
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