HIST 226 Midterm: Review for Test 2

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30 Oct 2014

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1838 lamar becomes president of the republic of texas (houston; powdered wig; 3 hour address) Edward burleson: goal to seek out bowl (cherokee) Battle of the neches: burleson v. bowl; bowl dies; cherokee pushed to oklahoma and rest of the caddo. March 1840: comanche want peace council in san antonio; texas agrees only if release all white captives; comanches bring only a mutilated one, fight erupts . Council house fight; leads to comanche raids in sw. August 1840: 1000 comanches go to victoria and raid settlements, full scale war erupts; burleson begins to decimate comanche tribe, begin withdrawl from texas . Comanche to new mexico; caddo and cherokee to oklahoma. Lamar moves capital to waterloo"=austin (houston points out completely unprotected) Texas debt increases: lamar tries to get money from netherlands, england and france, but no money or strong treaties, only few connections. Mexico still not recognizing texas (lamar tries to pay mexico, doesn"t work); threatens.

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