MUST 0812 Study Guide - Final Guide: John Godfrey Saxe, Lukas Foss, Danbury, Connecticut

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From schoenberg i learned that tradition is a home we must love and forgo. Innovations in the last half of the twentieth century have outstripped the most far-reaching changes of earlier times . Who went to see the elephant (though all of them were blind), The fifth, who chanced to touch the ear, In the 1860s, impressionist painters broke with the grandiosity of contemporary art. Some french composers were inspired by impressionist and symbolist movements. Whole-tone scale: a scale (7 notes) constructed using only whole steps. No half steps means we do not feel a tonic. Because we do not feel a tonic there is no sense of being in a key and there are also no expectations for what notes might come. Born in danbury, connecticut father former civil war bandleader. Decided against music as a profession, composed in his spare time. Gradually became known to the general public; famous by age 73.

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