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Neuroscience - CLA
NSCI 1051

MEMORYSTUDYTERMSDeclarative Memory explicitthings you know that you can tell others memory with conscious recallBoth types are long term memoryEpisodic Memory personalized autobiographical information as to where and when an event happened ex What you ate for breakfast this morningthSemantic Memory factual information ex the name of the 44 presidentHippocampus People with autism are good with semantic memory and have trouble with episodic memory will talk about an event as if they werent there Often easy to form and easily forgotten Nondeclarative Memory implicit aka Procedural Memory things you know that you can share by doing learned actions and skills memory without conscious recall Skill learning skiingPriming more likely to use a word you heard recentlyConditioning salivating when you see a nice steak lol stef Learned fear involves the amygdala Cerebellum and Basal Ganglia which is why this type of memory was preserved in HMRequire repetition and practice over a long period of time less likely to be forgotten Encoding processing of information
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