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PSY 1167

Stat Exam 2 Study Guide • Variability: tells us how much scores vary from the mean (the greater SD, the greater variability) • 2 different data sets can have the same mean but different levels of variability (if data on a graph is more clustered or far apart) • Range: the difference between the largest and smallest scores • Interquartile Range: the range of the middle 50% of scores • Semi IQR: half of the range of IQR • Variance: the mean of all squared deviation scores • Standard Deviation: square root of variance, The “typical” difference of scores from the  mean • Main drawback of using range = outliers • IQR is less likely to be affected by outliers compared to range • SD is easier to understand than variance because by taking the square root, it returns the measure back to its original level • 68% of scores will fall within one standard deviation of the mean • 99.7% of scores are more than 2 SDs above or below the mean • Mean = Position • SD= distance • Standard deviation can never be a negative number (distance above or below mean is always positive) • Z score formula
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