ENV-0135 Study Guide - Final Guide: Superfund, Endangered Species Act Of 1973, Blue Vinyl

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Possible essay questions: identify at least 3 areas in which us environmental policy since the 1970s has been successful and produced improvements in environmental conditions. For each area you identify, please discuss relevant legislation and actors: refrigerants, montreal protocol- cfcs, cercla, love canal, tri, louis gibbs, cradle to grave, cwa and caa, no toxins in toxic amounts. Cwa- combination of technology forcing and technology driven legislation (examples: water pollution control act and clean water act amendments respectively) The polarization of the environment as a partisan issue is, however, a relatively new phenomenon in the us. Please include the balance of power in the us government, as a possible leverage point, and the impacts on international environmental policymaking in your answer. blatant environmental pollution in rivers, air, forests i. peoples" attitudes - conservation a bipartisan issue for both parties. 1980s power dynamics (optimistic leader, frustrated reformer, rollback advocate up until obama)

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