REL 105 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Robert Neelly Bellah, Eric Wolf, Edward Burnett Tylor

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REL 105 Test 1 Study Guide
Robert Bellah and Eric Wolf
o Religion has a role in relation to the larger society/groups
o It creates unity and identity
o Study of religion in term, so the function it seems to fulfil in relation to
individuals, group, societies
Key terms:
o Civil Religion - Bellah
Civil religion in America has background of Christianity but it is not
100% Christian
Church and state aren’t as separate as we think
Things are changing
It’s a set of doctrines, narratives, figures, occasions, rituals through the
o Master Symbol wolf
Object of attention + cultural suspect that synthesizes complex experience
Relates different social groups to the system as a whole
Unifies a nation
o Syncretism- wolf
Combining different beliefs, practices, and religion
o Virgin of Guadalupe wolf
Escape of male dominance
United the nation of Mexico
o Tonantzin wolf
Aztec religion
Fertility Goddess
Indigenous people
Emile Durkheim
o Elements of human culture must be understood in terms of their relationship to a
large overarching system
o Whole > sum of its parts
o Without society or structure no individual ideas od activities that constitute really
make sense
o No personal experience is possible without society
Society teaches an individual about religion
how religion forms you
o the idea of society is the soul of religion
o Religion is:
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