SSC 103 Study Guide - Final Guide: Palliative Care, Elementary And Secondary Education Act, Evidence-Based Practice

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Hospice care incorporates a commitment to enhance the quality of life in the end-stage of diseases for patients and their families by use of the skills of palliative care. When reading an article, you must know: qualitative and quantitative, abstract, what did they find, methods. Diversity: non-profit organization- the money goes back to the organization to improve and develop, churches, hospitals, schools, research organizations, for profit- provides goods and services with a goal of financial return to its owners. Culture: definition of self, appearance, communication, beliefs, food, rituals/celebrations/traditions, work, connection with family, community, home life/definition of home. Not just about culture: religion, ethnicity, sex role identity (roles of males and females, social class, sexual orientation, gender (includes transgender, transexual) The cultural mosaic that makes up the united states: white, black, hispanic, asian, american indian, gay, lesbian, heterosexual, elderly, bisexual, mentally ill, poor or homeless, of specific religious faith.