MGM 301 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: French Fries, Strategic Planning, Mass Customization

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Test question: core competency and competitive advantage are not the same thing! Section 2-4 = part #1 of project due week 7. Section 5-10 = part #2 of project due week 15. Part 6 is worth the most points = pay attention to it the most. Improve profits: business objectives, build profitable customer relationships, marketing objectives: Entry level (you start at this question mark) **in order to get relative market share, divide the company"s raw market share by its biggest competitor"s raw market share. If he gives us the growth rate as 12%, dog and $ are already cancelled out. Vice versa, if growth rate is 9%, star and ? is cancelled out. Market penetration- selling more of your current products to the same customers. Product development- new products and offered in current customers. Market development- same products in a new market like houston, texas.