MIC 301 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Prokaryotic Small Ribosomal Subunit, Intron, Dental Plaque

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Eukaryotes transcribe dna inside the nucleus, primarily in the nucleolus region, as well as inside any mitochondria or chloroplasts present (not in cytosol like proks) Eukaryotes have 3 types of rna polymerase: rna pol 1 (rrna), rna pol 2 (mrna)m and rna pol 3 (trna) inside nucleus to transcribe, and mitochondria have their own polymerase. Use transcription factors to help binding eukaryotic rna pol to the promoter, in contrast to sigma factor (these initiation factors are shed and replaced with elongation fiber) Euks do mrna processing (aid in export and translation). The spliceosome (rna molecules and polypeptides) act as a ribozyme to cleave the introns out and ligate the exons back together. Entire process requires small and large subunit of ribosome (made of rrna and protein), mrna, and charged trna. Mrna- carries the genetic info from the chromosomes to the ribosome, encode for amino acids.

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