NSG 250 Midterm: NUR 250 Exam 2 Study Guide

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Illness: *remember we do not know what the threshold of alcohol is to cause fas, radiation. Damage dependent on timing, intensity, duration type of toxin (ex. Large needle takes a sample of the fluid for genetic analysis. Head is the largest part of the fetus: proximodistal- is the growth pattern starting at the core and then outwards to the limbs. Toddlers: toddlers quadruple their birth weight by 2 years! The child"s response to self-control v. parental control. Failure to succeed leads to the anal fixation. Freud"s anal phase: the process of letting go of stool. During the toddler stage, external forces (nuclear/extended family, schooling/daycare) play a big role. Refresh rothbart"s scale of temperament on page 149 of the text. Such research may help explain behaviors and help with parenting strategies . They tip forward when they make quick stops and tip backwards when catching a ball.