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NTR 402 Final: Lecture 18

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NTR 402
Melissa Genoveses

Adolescence Lecture 18 1) Nutrient Requirements a) Needs for energynutrients highest in life b) Many adolescents consume excess fat, cholesterol, sodium, sugars c) Many adolescents consume vitaminsminerals i) Calcium and Iron 2) Problems a) School vending machines competitive foods with the school lunch b) Unhealthy school lunch c) Children are sitting more in school d) Obese children not participating in physical activities 3) Inactivity a) Why? i) Inactive role models ii) Competing demands (1) Screen timedemands of school iii) Unsafe environments (1) Until working parents get home iv) Lack of recreation facilities v) Inadequate access to quality daily PE classes vi) School may lack funds for equipment, training, cutting PE instructors b) Physical Activity in Schools i) Benefits (1) Kids perform better and focus better with exercise (2) Run around prior to lunch eating more healthy food ii) Activity in the classroom iii) New PE emphasizes personal fitness and lifelong activities (1) Biking, roller blading (a) Issues: the money it takes to buy the equipment (2) After or before school programs (3) Provide 30 minutes of PE every day, every grade 4) School Nutrition a) Discussion i) New school lunch (1) Low fat, low sodium, more fresh vegetables and fruits meals (2) Whole grain pizza (3) Less frying foods ii) Challenge (1) Higher cost (2) More preparation (3) Healthy fresh foods go bad in a shorter time b) Notes i) Healthy HungerFree Kids Act ii) Convert vending machines to healthy choices (1) Revenue for school iii) Improve school lunches
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