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[PSY 207] - Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes fot the exam (45 pages long!)

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PSY 207
Erica Goddard

[PSY 207] Comprehensive Final Exam guide including any lecture notes, textbook notes and exam guides.find more resources at Frequency Distributions What is a frequency distribution?  What do we do with pages of numbers?  Organize scores into a comprehensible form  A frequency distribution is an organized tabulation of the number of individual scores observed at each value or category on the scale of measurement. Why are frequency distributions useful?  They show whether the scores are generally high or low, and where the major concentration of scores is located. We can also present:  Proportion = p = f/N  Percentage = p(100) = f/N(100) Grouped Frequency Distributions  When a set of data covers a wide range of values: – it is unreasonable to list all of the individual scores – To simplify the frequency distribution we group the scores into intervals. To produce a grouped frequency distribution you have to make two decisions:  The number of intervals  2 square root (N) if N  10  10Log(N) if N  100  N=250 10Log(250) = 10 x 2.40 = 24  N=125 10Log(125) = 10 x 2.10 = 21  The size of the intervals  range of scores/# intervals  then round to a convenient number  100-60/24 = 1.67  here round up to 2 Histograms  For a histogram, a vertical bar is drawn above each score so that  The height corresponds to the frequency  The width extends to the real limits of the score What is a real limit?  Real Limits: boundaries of the intervals for scores that are represented on a continuum.  The real limit separating two adjacent scores is exactly halfway between the scores.  Each score has two real limits  the upper and lower real limit Frequency Polygon  A single dot is drawn above each score so that  The dot is centered above the score find more resources at
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