UGC 112 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Third Rome, Ming Dynasty, John Cabot

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East africa: ethiopia, gold-rich zambezi valley -> southward from ethiopia. Zimbabwes -> fortified, stone-built administrative centers: mwene mutapa -> located in the zambezi valley. Lost gao -> one of the great trading cities: songhay. Muhammad touray askia -> wrenched songhay into islamic mainstream: kingdom of kongo. // ecological imperialism in the americas: ecological imperialism. Sweeping environmental changes european imperialists introduced in regions they colonized. The aztec empire: mesoamerica, choice between poverty or warfare, tribute system. Tribute system: a system in which defeated peoples were forced to pay a tax in the form of goods and labor. This forced transfer of food, cloth, and other goods subsidised the development of large cities. An important component of the aztec and inca economies. Left communities to govern themselves as long as they paid tribute. Muscovy is an alternative name for the grand duchy of moscow, the tsardom of russia, or (rarely) the russian empire.

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