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UGC 112: World Civilizations IIMid-Term Exam Review Terms: Great Plague: ◦ sickness that killed off majority of population Steppe: • Genghis Khan: ◦ Conqueror in northern China Iams ◦ Highway rest stop that helped to spread the plague Zheng He: ◦ Chinese navigator in the Ming dynasty ◦ Traveled in South east Asia Corsaires: Caravel: ◦ New ship helped to navigate around the world faster. Henry “The Navigator”: ◦ Caravel Treaty of Tordesillas: ◦ Wanted to convert to christianity. ◦ Spain was a new country ◦ Spanish inquesition insured christianity was only religion in spain Requirement of 1512 Bartolomé de las Casas Carlos V Tenochtitlán Columbian Exchange Habsburg Empire: ◦ Wants to take over Europe as a catholic empire. indulgence Martin Luther: ◦ Started Lutherism Protestantism Renaissance schism Anglicanism Transubstantiation Council of Trent cuius religio eius regio raison d’état Cardinal Richelieu: ◦ Invoked raisin d'état during thirty year war Peace of Westphalia St. Peter’s Basilica MachiavelliCopernicus Tycho Brahe Galileo inductive reasoning deductive reasoning René Descartes Enlightenment Philosophes mercantilism joint-stock company Bank of England Lloyd’s Coffee House Cyrillic alphabet East India Companies Bank of EnglandTatars serfdomIvan “the Terrible”Catherine the Great TsarSafavid EmpireShiism SunniMughal EmpireOttoman Empire Suleiman the Great Topkapi Palace Janissaries: • Recruited • Sent to palace of Instanbul to be trained • Sent home to police • Loyal to the people but also people in power. SufismUlemaMadrassa Ming Dynasty Qing Dynasty Li Zicheng Forbidden City Confucianism Tokugawa ShogunRoninBushido SamuraiTaj Mahal Marathas parliamentary monarchy absolutism Versailles Louis XIV enlightened despotism Kremlin Study Questions: 1) On what grounds can it be argued that globalization began with the Mongol Empire? Is this persuasive? • 2) Describe the rise of Europe’s position in the world from 1400 to 1
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