INTS 2370 Study Guide - Final Guide: Class Conflict, Aggregate Demand, Political Repression

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William of Orange
Moderate on religious issues as they went on
In a world of religious extremists
Abraham Lincoln of the Dutch
o Assassinated for his efforts as well
Great military tactician
Without him no united provinces
Johan van Oldenbarnevelt
Comes after William
United Provinces already exists
Master political tactician
o Small country figuring out how to take advantage of the big country
splits in order to further Dutch independence
o Must be smarter than the big countries
Put together Dutch East Indies Co. (1602)
o Almost single handedly
Collects a bunch of rival companies and forms a private monopoly
o Stacked with business men and merchants
o Becomes the model for all trading companies
British, French, etc.
o Made more sense to have monopoly than competition
7 cities each with their own weight
o Whatever they put in is what they got out
o Fought a lot
Kondratieff Cycles
Russian economist, but studied Dutch mostly and some British
Center of global economy
o World economy goes in cycles
Growth decline growth
Cycles are 50-75 years
1 cycle = growth and decline
Growing = A phase
Decline = B phase
What he tried to figure out
Why grow, why decline, and how does it get restarted
o Hegemony
Country with advantage over the other countries
o Knocks out idea that growth is always happening
o Aggregate demand (saturated)
Too many products and not enough consumers
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