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Biological Sciences Program
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BSCI 201
Justicia Opoku

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Exam Review 120 Points m/c 2 pts each (~12 questions) Will be questions from course syllabus fill-in-the blank 2pts each (~14?s) Spelling does matter t/f if the answer is false. You will be asked to correct it so that it is true 2 pts each, if it is true, circle rue and do nothing else (~ 12 questions) Example Questions: True/FalseAnatomy and Physiology is such a boring class (It’s an exciting class) True/False Plasma contains water and ions. Matching 1 pt each (~ questions) The rest will be short answer/essay. You will only be able to use the space provided and must write neat Material is based on lecture notes Anything and Everything from lecture may appear on Exam 1, this guide is just provided as a guide to help you begin studying. This exam: Syllabus intro material, blood and immune. Hemostasis: 3 Phases Vascular Spasms: Restrict Blood Flow Platelet Plug formation Stops blood flow Coagulation ( blood clotting) Actually laying down the fibrin Common pathway Fibrinogen turns to fibrin through Thrombin Fibrinogen is not active until turned on from Thrombin Intrinsic Pathway Trigger: Collagen Extrinsic Pathway requires Platelet/Tissue Factor III Outside of Blood Common pathway: Factor10a turns prothromobin to thrombin. Thrombin turns Fibrinogen into Fibrin. Thrombin also turns on Factor 13 which stabilizes Fibrin into stabilized meshwork. Platelet Components: Know what causes a platelet plug and what prevents a platelet plug. CD39 turnsADP into
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