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ENGL 125 Study Guide - Final Guide: Paul Laurence Dunbar, Iambic Pentameter, W. H. Auden

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ENGL 125
Michael Collier
Study Guide

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General Knowledge:
WH Auden says that “poetry is the clear expression of mixed emotions”
Poetry’s two main themes are love and death
First casualty of war is truth, which we can register with euphamisms
Components of a ballad:
Two main kinds of ballads:
Folk ballads: transmitted orally and turned into song
Literary ballad: written
Forms of repetition
Incremental repetition
Things are repeated three times
TS Eliot: “good poets borrow, great poets steal”
Patriotic poems are ironic because of modern divide in country
One Art by Elizabeth Bishop
Obsessive subject: the art of losing love
Scale of loss becomes more dramatic as it progresses
May span her lifetime
Write it” meaning
Iliad Excerpt
War poem
Oral tradition (changed many times)
Soldiers go to war for a purpose
Go to war to gain a sense of belonging and comradery
Richard Cory by EA Robinson
Point of view: first person plural
Iambic Pentameter
Figurative language “glittered” “clean favored”
Irony of suicide
Do Not Go Gentle Into that Good Night by Dylan Thomas
Discusses death of every kind of man (large scale)
Euphemisms with good night = death
Chiaroscuro moving from light to dark
Sympathy by Paul Laurence Dunbar
Extended metaphor (in a cage)
Development of image starting in a song
Animals speak to human condition, bird is trying to escape
If We Must Die by Claude McKay
Written during the race riots after the red summer
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