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BUS 150
Maryann Barber

see name of Function Formulas (mathematical #VALUE argument $C$13,"No w ay","Buy it") o o h a 6 BMW 760Li $122,500 =PMT($C$10/12,$C$11*12,-(B6-$C$12))=IF(C6>$C$13,"No w ay","Buy it") r e e a 7 Prius $29,500 =PMT($C$10/12,$C$11*12,-(B7-$C$12))=IF(C7>$C$13,"No w ay","Buy it") o t c l 8 Ford F-150 $24,500 =PMT($C$10/12,$C$11*12,-(B8-$C$12))=IF(C8>$C$13,"No w ay","Buy it") i l p h p n r t 9 Lexus IS F $57,900 =PMT($C$10/12,$C$11*12,-(B9-$C$12))=IF(C9>$C$13,"No w ay","Buy it") a d n i 10 Interest Rate: 5.50% i n h w 11 Duration of Loan: 3 r t t t n 12 Dow n Payment: $5,000 o e e e n e e y 13 Target Monthly Payment: $500 I p p p a Range: rectangular unit of cells Selected cell: cell affected by command executed Valid characters that can be entered into a number: digits 0-9, leader + or -, a single decimal Valid characters that can be entered into a text entry: any letter, number, or special character on keyboard Hide: to save space and confidential Printing Scrolling: if something is selected you Cell Formulas: Ctrl + ` scroll with mouse Fitting Spreadshee:tscaling (not below 70%), narrow columns, orientation Print Titl: columns and/or rows that print on every page Copy and paste special Modifying Flash Drive Linked Double click item and do it there, will be reflected need source & destination docs edit source doc directly everywhere, also can change on destination doc Embedded Double click item and do it there (entire workbook need destination doc embedded), but will not be reflected anywhere else Server Program creates object (source document) VI If move or rename source, you need to re-link or edit link Object (windows clipboard) If you delete source, you can’t change object I Client Program accepts doc (destination doc or container or compound) Normal Page Layout Page Break Preview Can do anything, edit, write formulas, Shows what will print, but you can sets print area and page breaks, you etc. still do anything can still do anything Today (): Date SUM ignores text ignores blank cells Now (): Time or Date or Date and Time If: =, < >, , < =, > = AVERAGE ignores text ignores blank cells Nested If: If within and If PMT: monthly payment (see other side) COUNT ignores text ignores blank cells COUNTA ignores blank cells Tracing Precedents: looking at all cells referenced by formula MAX ignores text ignores blank cells Tracing Dependents: Look for all cells that depend on a given value MIN ignores text ignores blank cells Assumptions: used to not keep re-copying numbers & to show reader how formula was made MEDIAN ignores text ignores blank cells If you move values, the formulas will follow them to new location, no matter if relative or absolute if move the formula, there is no change in the formula If you copy a formula, relative values move/adjust, while absolute remain the same Conditional Formatting: emphasizes cells between certain amounts, i.e. greater than, less than, between, equal to, text with certain characters or phrases, dates before after or between other dates NEED LEGENDS FOR MULTIPLE DATA SERIES Cell in upper left corner is unused Category Labels Data Series Legend Fewer columns than rows in selected data 1st column Rest of columns 1st row Fewer rows than columns / equal amount of rows & columns 1st row remaining rows 1st column If category labels come from a row (column), then data series is in a row Combination Charts: 2 different charts (column) on same graph, 2 axes (axis titles There will always be one data point for each occurrence of a category label needed) Category Labels: descriptive data that are plotted on the x-axis of the chart Sparklines: little graphs, no titles or Data Series: set of numeric, relat
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