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GEG 120
Peter Muller

UNIT 51 COASTAL LANDFORMS AND LANDSCAPES PRODUCTS OF MARINE PROCESSES COVERED -Coastal Landforms and landscapes reveal the dominant forces at work -Cliffs and caves tell us erosional (degradational) activity is paramount -Beaches and barrier islands signify that deposition (aggradation) prevails BEACHES THE QUINTESSENTIAL DEPOSITIONAL LANDFORM -The most characteristic aggradational landform along the coastline -Defined as a COASTAL ZONE of sediment shaped by wave action and longshore currents -Thus the beach is wider than the part we can see -Extends from the foot of a line of dunes and continues seaward beneath the surf -Constructed from sand and other materials, both from local and distant sources -Most coastal material is river sediment moved by waves and currents -Most U.S. Atlantic & Gulf beaches are light colored (Hawaii's are dark) AGGRADATIONAL LANDFORMS I: PARTS OF BEACH -Foreshore: high tide/low tide zone of beach drift and related processes -Nearshore (Offshore): seaward zone that remains submerged even during low tide -Backshore: zone landward of foreshore between the high-water line and the dune line -Longshore Bars: nearshore ridges of sand (&associated troughs); run parallel to beach Berms: the backshore's flat, sandy beaches laid down during storms Coastal Dunes: shaped by wind action, esp. sea breezes and storms AGGRADATIONAL LANDFORMS II: SURF ZONE AND BEYOND -Sandspit: fingerlike extension of beach as longshore drift continues into open water ^ -Baymouth Bar: sandspit that has grown across the mouth of a bay -Tombolo: sandspit that grew to link mainland with an offshore island AGGARADATIONL LANDFORMS 3: OFFSHORE BARS/ BARRIR ISLANDS -Offshore bars (sandbars) -Lie at some distance from beach, and are not connected to land -Longshore bars are included (expand and contract with wave action) -Once formed, offsho
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