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GSC 102 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Clair Cameron Patterson, Zircon, Hadean

Geological Sciences
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GSC 102
Study Guide

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GSC102 Exam 1 Notes
Clair Patterson:
Uranium to lead
Took 6 years to find # of lead > age of the earth (4.56 billion years)
Used ultra clean room
A lot more lead found in surface water than in deep ocean waters because it’s been
brought into the environment more recently
>Lead actually came from gasoline not natural
When people turn on their car engines and lead comes out the tailpipe, it gets into
our skin
The new form of lead in gasoline is fat soluble meaning the oil and fats in our skin
absorb lead from the atmosphere
Led mimics iron in the blood and effects circulation > sluggish, foggy
Blocks neurotransmitters reduced impulse control, slowed learning, impaired
1937-1966 there was no change in lead; levels were high and stayed high Clair
Patterson saw past this and said it wasn’t always this way. He discovered that
hundreds to thousands of years ago lead levels were much lower
4.56 billion years agoearth formed
4.47 billion years agomoon formed (collisionprovide stability to planet, allows
4.3 billion years agoearth cooled (magma cools solid rock)
4.2 billion years agooceans and atmosphere formed
Suggests water-rich, granite-like rocks such as grandodiorite or tonalite
zircon crystals (4.4 billion years ago; only 70 million years after Thea ripped
the planet apart)
2 types of igneous rocks:
Volcanic rocks (cools very quickly)
Granite (lava never made it to surface cools under crust slowly)
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