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What were Terry Wahls Md Recommendations 3 cups of green leafy vegetables a day Vitamins BACK vitamin B mitochondria Vitamins AC immune System Vitamin K loosen up blood vessels3 cups of sulfur rich veggiesSupports Brain mitochondrial liver and kidney toxic removal Cabbage broccoli turnips radish Onions garlic leeks Mushrooms 3 cups of colorful foods Flavonoidspoly phenols Antioxidants that support Retinas mitochondriatoxin removal High quality protein rich in omega 3 fatty acids Myelin straight teethlarger brainWild salmonherring Grass fed meat Organ meats High in vitamins minerals and coenzyme Q Seaweed Iodine Myelin toxin removal lower risk of cancer High in iron High in Vitamin C Increases absorption of iron by 300 Help with synthesis of connective tissues Found abundantly in citrus fruitsWhat is the MyPlate recommendations Moving away from the food pyramid Easier to relate to then a pyramid of foodWhat was an interesting aspect of the informative video by the department of healthKnow the guidelines for weight management Reduce intake of sugar and sweeten drinks
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