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Bryan Enderle

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Name Student ID Number Lab TA Name and Time Fall 2012Enderle CHEMISTRY2A ExamI Multiple Choice circle oneInstructions 1 ABCDE No books notes or additional scrap paper are CLOSED BOOK EXAMpermittedAll information required is contained on the examPlace all work in 2ABCDE the space provided If you require additional space use the back of the exam 3ABCDE 1 Read each question carefully 2 There is no partial credit for the problems in Part I and Part II You will lose 4ABCDE 10 points if you do not circle your multiple choice answers on the front page or if you do not write your TAs name in the space above 5ABCDE 3 The last page contains a periodic table and some useful informationYou 6ABCDE may remove this for easy access 4 Graded exams will be returned in the laboratory sections next week 7ABCDE 5 If you finish early RECHECK YOUR ANSWERS 8ABCDE UC Davis is an Honor Institution 9ABCDE Possible Points Points 10ABCDE 11133 points11ABCDE 121413 points 151727 points 182014 points 212320 points Total Score 107
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