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Theopompus of chios- wrote philippica in the 4th c. bc. Diodorus of sicily- historian of 1st c. bc. Plutarch- biographer, historian, and essayist in the 1st-2nd c. ad. Demosthenes- ancient orator and athenian statesman who was against philip ii and orated. Amyntas i- 6th c macedonian king who made an allegiance with the persians through marriage of macedonia princess and persian official. Alexander i- amyntas"s son who had the envoys of darius the 1st and other persian"s killed. Perdiccas ii- during peloponnesian war, he alternated support between athens and sparta. King archelaus- took advantage of persian defeat to extend territory and get hold of mining areas. It was under his rule that the new capital city of pella was formed. Philip ii- 3rd son of king amyntas and father of alexander the great. Sarissa- long pikes that were almost 18ft long. Pezhetairoi- title given to common soldiers and it meant foot companions.

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