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Lang Review Questions 5 1. Terms/concepts: a. Grammatical category – classes of words that behave similarly, if you know category then you know how word is used in language b. Frequent frames – frames appearing a certain number of times in a corpus 2. Grammatical category a. Boft – adjective b. Rekking – verb c. Strooped – verb d. Breer – noun e. Freemily – adverb 3. The Semantic Bootstrapping Hypothesis when a child derives categories from semantic information, by observing what kind of entity in the world it refers to. The problem is that mapping rules are not perfect a. EX: “bouncy” “a kick” – action like meaning but they are not verbs 4. Guin Language: a. The most frequent frame in the utterance is mu_berg – 6 b. This frame clustered the words az, merk, var, set, freggo, and peri c. The second most frequent is felgo_mu – 4 times d. The second frame clustered the words bofty, zu, seech, and trem 5. Precision: 65/120, Recall: 65/100 6. If a grammatical categorization model has high precision score it means that when a frequent frame clustered words together into a category, they often did belong tog
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