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Developmental and Cell Biology
Rahul Warrior

During flooding and high flow the pool velocity is only a little Velocity is always greater in ripples Movie River to the Sea Net LossA lot of questions on river continuum flowing waterdams lakesmarshes bogsestuaries emphasis on flowing water systems lakes and reservoirs wetlands have 3 characteristics hydrophitic veg special water form soils wet at least once a year basic kinds of depressional wetlandsgroundwater depr wetlandthe pond dips down into underwater ground lake surface water depr wetlandwater table is far below the diponly way to get water is surface water entering it loss a lot of wetlandsagriculture in the Midwest CA has 91 of natural wetlands goneSoCAL 97 No net loss in quantity or qualitymitigation legal trade offratio is much higher bc most mitigation failed wetlands are famous for producitygrams of carbon fixed per square meter per yeargreater than the terrestrial rainforest in North America there are 11 primary drainages CA there are 8 Dont have to know all of themZone of erosion and headwaters carved sharp v shaped valleystransported sedimentMoving it to zone of depdumping sand out of the system Most of zones have been destroyed for flood control LA river only has 12 of natural Lotic system flows throughmeanders snake Difference in lamaner flow
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