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Computer Science
CS 008

The gap between those with easy access to computer and those Digital device without is known as the The type of portable computer that s as powerful as a desktop but is smaller and lighter because it subnotebooks does to have non-essential components is a Electronic computers were 1930s created late in what decade? When a company uses outside workers instead of their own employees for some tasks, it is Outsourcing called The fastest and most powerful computers in the world are known Supercomputer as 1930s Computers developed 1960 Internet developed 1990s World Wide Web born 1970s PC’s developed A sequence of four operations: input, processing, output, and storage. These operations receive Information processing cycle data, process it into information, allow it to be outputted for viewing, and save it for future use. First operation, enables Input computers to accept data Processing Coverts data into information Output Is the actual displaying of the information, the processed data Is saving the information for a Storage later use Devices that were once used but Legacy technology are now viewed as obsolete; ex: floppy disks Moves data into and out of a Communication devices computer A group of two or more computer systems linked together to Network exchange data and share resources, including expensive peripherals such as high- performance laser printers Subnotebook Weighs much less than a notebook(laptop) Desktop Most powerful Notebook/subnotebook Can be as powerful as a desktop Not as powerful, mainly used for Netbook internet Enables users connected to a computer network to have access Servers to the network’s programs, hardware, and data Clients The computers connected to the networks includes the use of client Client/server network computers with centralized servers Minicomputers designed to meet the needs of smaller companies or businesses Computers designed to meet the Mainframes needs of large companies or governments Able to perform extremely high- Supercomputers speed processing and show underlying patterns Is that a supercomputer focuses on performing a few sets of Difference between instruction as fast as possible, supercomputer and mainframe? whereas a mainframe executes many instructions concurrently Disparity in computer ownership Digital divide and internet access The collection of programs that help people share ideas, create documents, and conduct Collaboration software meetings, regardless of location or time zone, are making their move into the academic and business worlds A feeling of anxiety and incapacity experienced when people are Information overload presented with more information than they can handle Is the field of study that is concerned with the fit between people, their equipment, and their work. It takes into account worker Ergonomics limitations and capabilities in attempting to ensure that the tasks, equipment and overall environment suit each worker. A painful injury caused by repeated motions (such as mouse movements or keystrokes) that Carpal tunnel syndrome damage sensitive nerves in the hands, wrists and arms. These injuries can become so serious that they may require surgery. Syntax and logical errors located in a computer’s program, which can Bug cause the program to perform erratically and produce incorrect results or crash The replacement of human Automation workers by machines and computer-guided robots The subcontracting of portions of Outsourcing a job to a third party to reduce cost, time and energy Unemployment caused by Structural unemployment advancing technology that makes an entire job category obsolete The part of the CPU that is responsible for executing Control unit instructions is called the The part of the CPU that is responsible for adding, ALU unit subtracting, etc. is called the Computers often have a small, ultrafast unit of memory called a - ____ to help the CPU access Cache instructions and data more quickly The fastest port in use today is Firewire With ___, a CPU can execute more than one instruction at a time Pipeline because a new instruction is fed into the CPU at each step Single circuit that either contains a Bit current or does not 0 and 1 are used as a means of Binary digits representing the off/on state of a computer switch, or bit Byte 8 bits in a bytes Kilobyte 1024 bytes Megabyte 1024 bytes Gigabyte 1024 bytes Terabyte 1024 bytes Represents and processes numbers w/fractional parts e.g. 1.25 or extremely large numbers e.g. billions & trillions.  Has no fixed number of digits before or after a decimal point Floating point standard  Enables a computer to work quickly with very large or small numbers  Requires special processing circuitry * more complex than integers(slower than integers) Character code Performs the conversion English Language Only( 8 bits/1 ASCII Byte) most widely used Extended Binary Coded Decimal EBCDIC Interchange Code(mainly used with mainframes) Multilingual; 16 bits/2 bytes per Unicode character Cases the hardware components System unit that the computer actually uses Is the large circuit board located Motherboard within your system unit to which all other components are connected A circuit that carries an electrical Integrated circuit current and contains millions or
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