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COM 1000
Karisa Workman

Perception, Self, and Communication (Ch 2) • Perception is the process of using the sense to acquire information about the surrounding environment or situation o Active – your mind selects, organizes, and interprets what you sense o Subjective – your uniquely constructed meaning attributed to sensed stimuli • Differences occur in perception because of different factors o Physiological – everyone is different (age, sex, height, weight, senses) o Past experiences and roles  Perceptual constancy – the idea that your past experience lead you to see the world in a way that if difficult to change; your initial perceptions persist  Roles, or parts you play in various social contexts o Present feelings and circumstances  How you feel at the moment affects your perception of a situation • You engage in three activities during perception o Selection – neglecting some stimuli and focusing on others  Selective exposure - you expose yourself to information that reinforces your beliefs or opinions  Selective attention – even when you do expose yourself to information and ideas, you focus on certain cues and ignore others (like at a buffet, you see everything but avoid the unfamiliar)  Selective perception – hearing, seeing, and believing what you choose to  Selective retention - you remember better the things that reinforce your beliefs o Organization – the grouping of stimul
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