PCB 3233 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Pattern Recognition Receptor, Myd88, Cell Adhesion Molecule

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Cr3 and cr4, or scavenger receptor: phagocytosis, these receptors are prr"s (pattern recognition receptors) recognize patterns that have been conserved through time (pamp"s pathogen associated molecular patterns; ex. Prr"s bind to the pamp"s, leading to a signaling to form an endocytic vesicle or a phagocytic vesicle (phagosome). All of the extracellular including lbp and intracellular, myd88- Tir domain and ikk-nfkb- signaling: when a macrophage"s tlr4 on the outside recognizes lps, there"s a gram negative bacteria. Lbp (lipopolysaccharide (lps) binding protein) will bound to free lps and brin it to cd14. Md2 form a complex with tlr4 outside the cell: myd88 binds to tlr4 with the help of scaffold proteins to bind tlr to a death domain. Kinase cascade is activated, which leads to the i b taken off from nf b and degraded. Nf b migrates to the nucleus and starts to make these 5 cytokines: il-1, il-6, il-12, cxcl8, and tnf .

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