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Asian American Studies
Grace Hong

Asian American Studies 50Asian American Women Final Study QuestionsWeek 1What do we mean by race gender and sexuality What do the terms racialization gendering and sexualization mean oThese terms are to show how they structure and marginalized people through these categories Also they are different types of inequalities that render people from doing certain thingsocreate different structural consequencesoThese terms are in a verb form meaning that these processes are still ongoing and present to this day What is the difference between individual and structural definitions of racism sexism and heterosexismoIndividual definitions of racism sexism and heterosexism mean that it is a generalization of what an ethnic group is like For example society thinks that black men are violent and dangerous and this could be legitimized by racial profiling incarceration oStructural racism stands for the discrimination that comes from institution it is also referred as an institutional racism the term explains that any kind of system of inequality based on race can be treated as institutional racism it can occur in public government sector private business corporations and universities the regents of University of California vs Bakke case in 1978 is a prominent example of institutional racism How was the passage of Californias Proposition 13 in 1978 an example of structural racism oCA Prop 13 in 1978 limited the property tax to 1 of the purchase price of the home In 1978 there was a huge house boom in which people were eager to buy houses which were mostly white people It is an example of structural racism because it only protected the white middle class and its wealth People of color were not allowed to get homes or loans this was legal and covered by the law until outlawed around 1963 When they were able to buy homes they paid too much in property tax How was Prop 13 a law that also reproduced gendered and sexualized norms as well as racial stratification oProp 13 basically stated that put tax on property tax stays the same as what you bought it as and is racist in that the blacks because of restrictive covenant I cantwill not sell my house to a person of coloroeven though later on this was knocked downbecause the colored people had to buy it at a higher price it was still racist oreproduces gender and sexuality norms by tying people to their housescouldnt buy bc low wages no families and no childrenWhat does intersectionality mean and why is it importantoIntersectionality was coined by Kimberlee Crenshaw it means that race class and gender happen together and it cannot be generalized to a majority of people oin the Yen Espiritu article menwomen affects their class and their economic status as well as the fact that bc of immigration laws there were homosocial societies which affected their place in societyAccording to Yen Espiritu what are the structural historical and economic conditions that led to Asian migration to the United States oHistorical Transnational families were considered the norm Generations of chain migrations depended on well able bodied men to go abroad and send remittances back help the familyvillage Split family households were common where it consisted of male dominated communities and female headed households oUS also went through rapid industrialization in the late 19th and early 20th century and they needed inexpensive and easily manipulable labor What are some of the differences in these conditions in the earlier waves late 19thcentury to early 20th century of migration and later postWorld War IIthoIn 19th and 20 century the migration wave consisted of laborers Mostly males who did manual labor and had low wages Women were barred from coming to the United States although there were some women who were able to come such as picture brides or prostitutes During this period men migrated to the United States which created homosocial bachelor societies unable to create the patriarchal nuclear family and were doing jobs considered feminine such as being servants and doing domestic work like laundry Page Law forbidding the entry of Chinese and other Mongolian prostitutes reducing the influx of womenoIn the post World War II wave there was an the immigration act of 1965 in which allowed family reunification and professionals to come to the US Refugees came to the United States under the family reunification category in which they were sponsored by family members or organizationsProbably unrelatedProfessionals came under the effect during the Cold War in which the United States was in an armsscience race against the Soviet Union Professional migrants were skilled educated college level people who were from middle elite class During this time more women were migrated to the United States More female intensive industries health care apparel services etc What conditions did Asian migrants face once in the United States How did these conditions affect relations between AsianAsian American men and AsianAsian American womenoimmigration labor laws made life difficult antimiscegenation laws which prevented people of color to interminglemarry with white people Loving vs Virginia was a prominent case of antimiscegenationobad living conditions barred from normative family structuresocoolie labor women had to perform mens workothere were less women than men took away masculinity of menWhat is Orientalism as defined by Edward Said What are some historical examples of Orientalism and what are some contemporary examples of Orientalism oOrientalism a European invention The Middle East and India now East AsiaWestern style for dominating restructuring and having authority over the Orient European superiority over Oriental backwardness p7oHistorical Gayatrispirak white men saving brown women from brown men Flauberts encounter with an Egyptian courtesanspoke of her which means he represented hertypical Orient ContemporaryThe Middle East as Great Power politics oil economics evilp27 Terroristic Arabs How is Orientalism both a discourse and a means of dominating or regulating something understood as the OrientoThe Orient was orientalized not only because it was discovered to be Oriental in all those ways considered commonplace by an average 19th century European but also because it could be submitted to being made OrientalWesterners assumed themselves as the dominant figure because by coining the term oriental and orientalism they were making the assumption that they were the normal ones and the people from the orient were abnormal because their lifestyle and culture did not fit the westerner norm of lifestyle and cultureoIt is hegemony or rather the concept of hegemony at work that gives orientalism the durability and the strengthit can be argued that the major component in European culture is precisely
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