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CHEM XL-14A Quiz 7Exam

Chemistry and Biochemistry
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Two hydrogen atoms bumped into each other recently.
One said: "Why do you look so sad?"
The other responded: "I lost an electron."
Concerned, One asked "Are you sure?"
The other replied "I'm positive."
NAME:__ ___________________________
TA: Robert
Section: 1E
Quiz #7
1. Given the reaction scheme below, why does a 97:3 ratio of product 2:3 form? (3pts)
Draw the intermediate state. (2pts) What is the name of this model called? (1pt)
2. Why is the solution not placed in an ice-bath after recrystallization? (2pts)
3. Why are 2 equivalents of methyl magnesium bromide used for this reaction? Draw
pictures if necessary. (4pts)
4. Alcohols, acids, water, and amines are not good functional groups to react with
grignard reagents. Why? (4pts)
5. Why is it important to have a reactive Mg surface when forming the grignard
reagent? (hint: What forms on the outside of metals when exposed to air?) (2pts)
6. If Kevin has nine apples, and Bill has two apples, how many apples do they have
together? (Show all your work) (2pts)
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