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University of Connecticut
CHEM 1127Q
Fatma Selampinar

Naming Chemical Compounds Ionic Compounds Positive Ions  Positive monatomic ion (metal cation) = name of the metal + “ion.”  Transition metals (form more than one type of positive ion) = charge of ion indicated with Roman Numerals after the metal name. o Ion with higher charge – name ends in “-ic.” o Ion with lower charge – name ends in “-ous.” Negative Ions  Negative monatomic ion = add “-ide” to stem of nonmetal element the ion is derived from.  Polyatomic anions  have 1 or more oxygen atoms (oxoanions) o If there are 2 members in the series:  Larger number of O atoms = name ends in “-ate.”  Smaller number of O atoms = name ends in “-ite.” o If there are more than two in the series:  Most number of O atoms = “per-“ + stem+ “-ate.” nd  2 most = stem + “-ate.”  2 least = stem + “-ite.”  Least = “hypo-“ + stem + “-ite.” When naming ionic compounds, positive ion name is given first, then the name of the negative ion. Molecular Binary Molecular  Name is two words – one for each element in the compound.  1 element = use full element name. nd  2 element = stem + “-ide.”  Use prefixes to indicate number of atoms present: o 1 element - only if there is more than 1. nd o 2 element – regardless of how many (use “mono-“ for one, “di-“ for two, etc). Acids Binary Acids Formed by hydrogen + a second element  “hydrogen“ + stem + “-ide”  “hydro-“ + stem + “-ic acid.” Oxoacids Formed from hydrogen, oxygen, + a third element. Acid name is formed
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