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NURS 3334- Midterm Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 137 pages long!)

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University of Connecticut
NURS 3334
Joan Kuhnly

[NURS 3334] Comprehensive Spring guide including any lecture notes, textbook notes and exam guides.find more resources at Learning the Language of OB G’s and P’s: used to record history of maternity patients • Gravida o Any pregnancy, regardless of duration, includes current pregnancy o Expressed as G o Nulligravida: woman who has never been pregnant o Primigravida: woman who is pregnant for the first time o Multigravida: woman in her second or subsequent pregnancy • Para o Birth after ▯▯ weeks’ gestation regardless if born dead or live o Expressed as P o Nullipara: no births at more than ▯▯ weeks’ gestation o Primipara: one birth at more than ▯▯ weeks’ gestation regardless of dead or live o Multipara: two or more births at more than ▯▯ weeks’ gestation • More detailed approach and one that should be used: • Gravida: still refers to # of pregnancies • BUT….. Para specified gives more information, means outcome of pregnancy o T = number of term infants born o P = number of preterm infants o A = number of pregnancies ending in either spontaneous or theraputic AB o L = number of currently living children o Example ▪ Pam has been pregnant 3 times, this one included and has had two full term babies • Short version: G3 P2 ▪ Detailed version: G 3 P 2 0 0 2 o Example ▪ The client presents to the clinic for a pregnancy test. The test result is positive. She has been pregnant two other times, delivered twins at term who are now 2 years old, and had one miscarriage at 8 weeks. ▪ G 3 P 1 0 1 2 • Term is one because twins is one pregnancy Antenatal Assessment • Establishing the Estimated Date Delivery o Average pregnancy: 40 weeks from first day of last normal menstrual period o Hx: used to be Estimated Date of Confinement, then Estimated Date of Delivery, now Estimated Date of Birth ▪ Delivery and birth are the same thing but delivery sounds bad, birthed is more meaningful • NAGELE’S RULE often used to calculate EDD: o Begin with first day of last menstrual period o Subtract 3 months o Add 7 days AND change the year th • EX. If 7/10/03 was first day of last period: 7-3 = 4 (4 month) o Add 7 days: 10 + 7 = 17 (17 day of month) o Adjust year: 2004 o Estimated due date: 4/17/04 • Gestational age calculators and ▯wheels▯ may also be used find more resources at
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