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PSA: Seven identifications will also appear on the exam. You will have to identify two of them in paragraphs of four or five sentences each. History 10B Final IDs The New Deal The First New Deal* Lasted from FDRs inauguration through midterm elections of 1934 Every man a right to make a comfortable living Balanced federal budget Prevented the US from anarchy, but didnt solve the Depression The Second New Deal** After midterm election of 1934 Franklin D. Roosevelt Lost use of his legs due to polio Was governor of New York as governor revived old populist ideas while talking about social programs and security for urban workers, reunifying Democratic Party When running for President promised American a New Deal without being specific about what he was actually going to do Fireside chat FDR would host these chats to directly communicate with the American public. Longest serving US president elected for 4 terms, died shortly after the beginning of his 4th term Cheated on his wife died in the arms of his mistress The Economy Act (1933)* Cut salaries of federal workers and reduced payment benefits to veterans Meant to decrease federal deficit The First Hundred Days (1933)* FDR pushes bills to help remedy the Great Depression Took nation off the gold standard Agricultural Adjustment Actthe nations first system of agricultural price and production supports, farmers were subsidised for crop they didnt sell, its purpose was to reduce crop surplus and increase the value of crops produced. National Industrial Recovery Actthe first major attempt to plan and regulate the economy Tennessee Valley Authority Actthe first direct government involvement in energy production
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