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University of California - San Diego
Cognitive Science
Sarah Creel

Version A Short answer questions Answers may be more than one word 2 per blank unless otherwise noted 1 A falsifiable model isis not Circle one desirable because allows others to verify findingsmeans there is a way to prove it wrong it entails concrete quantifiable predictions1 pt for circle 2 for explanation32 If you are conducting a study that requires you to know precise temporal resolution the best method to use would be EEGERP or MEG order of answers does not matter3 When you hear an ambiguous word and one of the possible words is a real word and the other is not you tend to think you heard the real word This is called the ganongphonemic restorationcontextual fillin effect4 The two theories for the limits of attention arewhich states that some bottlenecksensory information is filtered out anywhere between lowlevel sensory processing and an analysis of meaning and capacity which posits that attentional limits arise from general cognitive resource limitations order matters5 Automaticityexplains why practice makes a task become less demanding6 The inability to plan more than one response at a time is referred to as the psychological refractory period 1 for PRP or 1 point for minor one word errors eg perceptive refractory period1 point for central executive bottleneck point for less accurate central executive answers 7 The hippocampus is the part of the brain associated with contextual learning specifically relational and configural processing and spatial navigationpt for temporal lobe8 The structural description theory of object identification which uses geons involves combining features and conjunctions order doesnt matter9 The fusiform face area FFA is sometimes argued to be a face module10 Evidence for objectcentered coordinate systems is that we canrecognize objects at many different angles Evidence for viewercentered coordinate systems is that were
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