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Electrical & Computer Engineer
ECE 15
Alon Orlitsky

1. Data Types a. “Numerical” Data types i. char 1. (single) character ii. int 1. integer values iii. float 1. single-precision floating point number iv. double 1. double-precision floating point number 2. twice as much memory as float b. “Array” Data Types i. string 1. not an individual data type 2. Variable Names a. Data is assigned to memory using the assignment operator (=) and reference through the use of variables. b. Variable names may only contain alphanumeric characters and underscores, and may not begin with numbers. 3. Printing and Scanning a. %c – characters b. %d – integers (%i also works, but is different and may throw different output) c. %f – float d. %lf – double (long float) i. THESE COULD BE USEDAS ERROR PROBLEMS IN THE MIDTERM. 4. Special Characters a. ‘ ‘ – single space b. ‘\t’– tab space c. ‘\n’– newline d. ‘\b’– backspace (i.e. overwrites characters if you attempt to input a new value after ‘\b’. However, this does not delete characters as the cursor moves back) e. ‘\0’– null character, and literally doesn’t print out anything. 5. Conditional Statements a. if (CONDITIONAL) x++; i. increments x only if CONDITIONAL is true. b. if (CONDITIONAL) x++; else x--; i. increments x if CONDITIONAL is true, decrements otherwise. c. Need to encl
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