CISC108 Midterm: cisc108-f13-exam2

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You have 120 minutes to complete the exam. You may have with you a single piece of paper with notes on both sides. You may have only your sheet of notes, a single writing implement, and the exam on your desk (e. g. , no cell phones, laptops, water bottles, etc. You do not need to show contracts, signatures, purposes, templates, or test cases unless speci cally asked. However, they may help you earn partial credit if you can not provide a complete solution. You may also use any constants you need. An address book application contains data de nitions for the following structures and types: : x -> boolean: none of the above (4) [1 pts] _____ assume that contact1 is a constant of type contact. Which of the following is used to get the groups of contact1: (contact-groups contact1, (groups contact1, (getgroups contact1, (selector groups contact1, none of the above.

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