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HIST206 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: United Fruit Company, Andrew Preston, Standard Oil

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Exam 1
14th Amendment:
-Due Process clause
-Those born in the US are citizens
-Gave fudaetal rights that a’t e deied
-Made Black Codes illegal
*did not give fundamental rights to Native and Asian Americans
15th Amendment:
-States a’t dey votig rights eause of rae
-Will lead to majority of African Americans to vote Republican
Vertical Integration:
-Andrew Preston + United Fruit Company
-corporation works to control all steps in the process of producing a good
-Preston brings bananas to the US:
-started own banana farm
-got own ships for transportation
-Bought a warehouse
-Created a chain which allows Preston to run all parts of selling the bananas
Horizontal Integration”
-Standard Oil company
-combine competitors to your company in order to corner a market
-John Rockefeller did this
-Once you monopolize you control supply and demand
-Buy all similar businesses until monopolized
Trans-Continental Railroad:
-If you build a railroad you make money
-Union Pacific + Central Pacific
-Begin to work together and make joined railroad
-Towns built along the railroad
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