HIST308 Study Guide - Comprehensive Final Guide: Floride Calhoun, Seminole Wars, Monroe Doctrine

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By 1820 federalists were gone, strong in new england and de but that is all. Factions emerged in the party (below are candidates for 1824 election) Served us senator ma, diplomat, american minister to st. petersburg in russia. Held many positions in europe, was in the group who convinced the agreement of treaty of ghent (1814) Appointed secretary of state by monroe, wrote the monroe doctrine (international affairs ) Elected senator before he was 30 years old. Served briefly as senator , went to house of representatives. Became known as a warhawk , leader of the warhawks. Warhawks faction in the house , who was anxious to declare war on. Concerned disunionist, looking for some way to economically unite the. Supported what he called the american system. Network of infrastructure, to link the us together. Concerned about growing power of us gov. Apposed alex hamilton, bank of the us. Saw proposals, the national gov too powerful.